Summer Registration- Registration for summer programs begins in April and is open for the duration of the program.

Pre Registration- Pre registration for current students is in May for a reduced fee.

New Student Registration- New Incoming students guarantee their spot by registering in June. .

Tuition Policies

▪ Tuition payments are due on the 1st day of each month. Late fees are added after the 10th.

▪ Tuition fees are monthly based (not weekly), regardless of how many lessons per month. Some months may have 5 lessons and some months may have a holiday.

▪ No tuition adjustments or credits are given for missed classes. Students are welcome to make up classes if possible.

Class Placement

▪ Upon registration, class placement is determined by age, physical development, and level of previous training.

▪ Over time, class placement will be based on class participation, attendance, progress, attentiveness, ability, attitude, and consistency.

▪ All placement decisions are made, strictly regarding the best interest of each individual student.

▪ Class placement decisions are at the discretion of the teachers and the director.

▪ Each student progresses at their own rate, and not that of their friends.

Classroom Etiquette for Students

Proper classroom etiquette is essential to the education and training of dancers.

▪ Be prompt. Late arrivals disrupt class and late student to miss warm up.

▪ If a student needs to leave before class is over, he/she must ask to be excused by the teacher. Please do so discretely so as not to disrupt class.

▪ No gum chewing, eating, or drinking is allowed in the studios. Water is okay. No cell phones during class.

▪ Always show respect to teacher.

▪ Eyes and attention must always be on the teacher.

▪ Be appreciative of corrections and earnestly apply them.

▪ Be kind to your classmates.

▪ When class is finished, clap and thank the teacher for class.

▪ Do not leave behind hair pins, water bottles, or clothing.

Studio Etiquette for Parents

▪ Students and family members must be respectful at all times to other students, parents, and faculty members.

▪ Profanity, gossip, and disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.

▪ Please remind your young dancers to use restroom before class, to avoid a loss of class time.

▪ Use cubbies for dance bags and belongings.

▪ Food and drinks are allowed only at snack barre and only during break time.

▪ Inform a teacher or front desk before taking a child from class

▪ Students are expected to be in class every week

▪ Siblings must be supervised at all times.

Dress Code

Dress code promotes focus and a stronger work ethic in class it also allows teachers to clearly see and adjust body placement, position, and alignment. Dress code basics are available for purchase at Dance Center.

Predance & Combodance & Tiny Tap

▪ Fitted pink Leotard or pink dance dress
▪ Tights are optional during hot summer months
▪ Additional dancewear: Ballet tutus, skirts, leg warmers, are welcome.
▪ Pink ballet shoes, jazz shoes 9 must be labeled)
▪ Patent leather tap shoes with no laces.
▪ Hair – pulled back away from face in bun, ponytail or braid.

Ballet level 1 & up

▪ Leotard- black
▪ Tights – theatrical pink
▪ Ballet shoes – correctly sewn
▪ Hair –in a bun

Jazz/ Lyrical/ Contemporary

▪ Black leotard or dance top
▪ Black form fitted dance shorts or capris
▪ Bare feet & Jazz shoes
▪ Hair – pulled back away from face in bun, ponytail or braid.


▪ Fitted white or black T-shirt or tank (no baggy)
▪ Fitted shorts or boys tights for ballet
▪ Jazz – Dance shorts, boys leggings or cropped sweat pants above the knee
▪ Black or white ballet shoes for ballet
▪ Boys should bring clean socks with them to class


▪ Black Form fitted top, Leotard or Camisole dance top
▪ Dance shorts, Capri or knee lengths pants. No long pants.
▪ Tap SHOES – oxford style, laced up, tap shoe.
▪ Hair – pulled back away from face in bun, ponytail or braid.

Hip Hop

▪ Comfy, easy to move in (tank top, sweats)
▪ CLEAN Sneakers or combat boots
▪ NO BLACK rubber-soled shoes

Shoe Guidelines: If your shoes do not meet our criteria, it’s okay. However, we ask that when purchasing new shoes, please choose within the criteria. Proper shoes will be required for performance.